Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Funny Amway Blog

I came across this very funny official Amway blog "Once a diamond, always a diamond":

It is a hilarious read. Read it before proceeding.

I thought only my upline hid the facts. But I did not expect that Amway itself hides the facts. Ok, to rephrase - they are not lying, they are just not telling the truth.

Not only that, this Amway employee also confirmed another hunch of mine, which is, whether IBOs are succeeding or not, they justify the poor results very well!

Analogies are wonderful. They paint a mental picture that convinces you instantly. My upline is very good at it. They used to tell in meetings that nobody makes money by you attending a function. But one student prospect of mine figured out the speakers get paid and questioned my upline later. My upline responded by asking the prospect whether his professors get paid to teach him. The prospect replied YES and my upline told it is the same deal here and speakers get paid to teach. OK, agreed. But why do you need to lie in the first place telling nobody makes money by you attending function?

Another funny thing I noticed last year was the list of mentors award winners in the ACHIEVE magazine. There was one page full of names, but Amway combined the 2 year founders diamonds and 2 year founders emeralds. So that way the diamonds who only qualified for the emerald bonus could not be clearly identified :-). Ok, it is still good money $150,000 bonus. Yes - they showed the success. But how many emeralds and diamonds were not there on that page? If that list was shown, it would probably span 20 pages I guess!

Also why can't I find anywhere amway global North America's sales figures for 2010? It is now one global brand and they announce only the global growth. I believe the total sales in North America has probably fallen and they cannot admit it.

Amway does not explicitly lie like my uplines or many BWW folks. They still do hide the truth to a large extent and from their blog above it is very clear that you cannot completely trust what they say!


  1. I am an Amway IBO, very positive about the business, yet I am not pleased with Amway's policy of "once a Diamond, always a Diamond."
    I go into greater detail about the potential damage this policy does, on my blog...

  2. Bridgett,

    You have a good post on your blog.

    If there are more honest IBOs like you, who openly admit that not everything is done right in the Amway business, I believe things can slowly start changing for Amway! But there are too many people in Amway like my upline!

    Hope you reach your goal of founders ruby honestly and really help all your down lines in the process!

  3. Bridgett will not remain in this biz very long, honest IBO's never last long. There is lot more "corruption" as you keep hitting the higher pin levels and lest you feel that since you reached a higher pin , so you now have power to change things you are totally mistaken. BWW will strip you of your tool income and remove you from their LOS. They have done it with a lot of diamonds in the past and will continue to do it if they feel that a "diamond" or higher level pin suddenly grows a conscience!

  4. What beats me is how come so many emerald and diamond IBOs actually believe that they do good for their down line, even if they forced their down lines to stock up products or fake customer orders? If you ask my up line, he would say he did everything for my benefit and he completely believes it, which always beat me!

  5. @ NOPVBV,
    "Bridgett will not remain in this biz very long, honest IBO's never last long...BWW will strip you of your tool income and remove you from their LOS."

    Just to clarify, I am not affiliated with BWW. And neither are millions of IBOs in the world of Amway. That's another one of the myths in certain LOAs (line of affiliation)--that they are the biggest part of the Amway Business.

    I've had the fortune of meeting IBOs from many different LOAs and some who are what the Corp calls "Independents" (those not "plugged in" to any LOA).

    So my perspective is very different from IBOs who think that their LOA *is* Amway.

  6. Bridgett: Thats great for you as long as you can be successful without having to comprimise your integrity in building this opportunity. All the very best to you!
    BTW just wanted to clarify that I dont think LOA is Amway. But a very high percentage of IBO's in India and USA are part of some Amway "Accredited PLUS" teams (approved providers of BSM's) and here are the list of them as released by Amway Global:
    Britt Worldwide
    Camino El Exito
    Construyendo Embajadores Corona
    Cumbre Latina
    EBT International
    Enriquez Network
    Equipo Vision
    Equipo Vision International
    Fénix Net
    Global Business Alliance
    Global Net
    International Connection (IC)
    Iteam Choice
    ITeam USA
    Knights of Destiny
    MarkerMan Productions
    MDE Latino
    Network 21
    Perma Com
    Pro System One
    Project Lifestyle International
    Proyecto Libertad
    Setzer International
    Teambuilders Leadership
    Teamworks International
    UR Association
    Vision 2010
    Vision Global
    World Information Network
    World Wide Dreambuilders
    The Yager Group

    My point is Amway is saying that they have indeed inspected the practices of these groups and how they use tools in their groups and that they seem to be doing it the "right" way. So they are actually endorsing these groups which is what makes this a bit dangerous as millions of IBO's and ex-IBO's like me are part of one of these Accreditated groups which use deceptive practices and Amway approves them, go Figure!