Thursday, December 09, 2010

To my fired up cross lines

Well, I am quite shocked to see how many people I thought to be "core" IBOs (i.e. people who listen to their uplines and the system) actually are spending more and more time on blog sites like mine :-). Some of them leave threatening comments. Some of them send me nice emails. Some ask me whether I am "man enough" to publish their comments - ah, typical Amway statements from "core" IBOs repeating statements they heard on CDs!

Funny thing is - you fired up IBOs are not listening to your "upline leaders". Haven't you active IBOs heard that you are not supposed to read "negative" web sites? By the way, are you done with your 9 core steps today that you are coming here and spending time? Go and look at your calendar first. Also you are forgetting Bill Britt's teaching about dilution, that you should "cap the negative". Listen to your CDs first and follow them. You first go at least Q12 platinum without buying extra products and without forcing a single down line of yours to stock up products - then I will acknowledge your "success".

I feel sorry for many of you active IBOs as well. You haven't honestly sat down and done your income/expense calculations. Some of you guys have been in for 10 years and not yet Q12 platinums. How could you guys show the plan to someone else and tell the other fellow that you would help him go platinum in 3 to 6 months? (Or has it reduced to 2 to 4 months now?)

I personally know more than 10 people who built the business to very successful levels and later quit. They had more success than me, but they did not take the effort to let the public know about the truth. I am not telling what happened to me is what happens in every line of sponsorship, but I believe it is close to what happened to me. Otherwise, how could some of you guys who qualified silvers and platinums, have a grand total of 10 people at the function? And how come 90% of the platinums do not qualify Q12 the same year and many do not go Q12 for several years after they went platinum? Why doesn't every emerald go founders emerald the same year?

As much as so many of you cross lines and down lines of me are frustrated, you go and look at the dreams on your refrigerator. How many have come true? How many dreams have you taken off your refrigerator? What about the time frame it took you to reach any goal?

My dear cross line, please don't tell me your upline's success. I want to know about your success.

And don't think that it is because of my blog that you are not succeeding. The simple fact of the matter is "show 12, sponsor 2" does not work and has not been working for several years. "Tap rooting" did not "transform" your business! "XS technique" does not still bring 10 guests to every open meeting. These are just temporary promotions to keep people excited!

You will simply not accept the truth now, because you believe so much that this would work for you!

All I hope with my blog is that IBOs who are thinking about taking advantage of their downlines will be a bit scared. They know that their names could become quite notorious on the internet if they play around with their downlines' lives. My upline violated several cardinal rules. I have every reason to believe that many uplines are like that.

If you are building your business very honestly, then do it by all means and succeed. Let your down lines write blogs about how "wonderful" you are.

And listen to this - you guys did not go through the hell we went through. If your upline is so wonderful and so successful, GOOD FOR YOU. If you want to brag about your upline, you start your own blog (you don't need to pay $200 for it like you need to pay when you sign up with Amway; starting a blog is truly free) and write good things about your upline. Let your positive blog come up higher in google, before negative blogs like mine. I will write what I want in my blog about my experiences and my opinions. Deal???

Rather than coming to my blog and asking me whether I am "man enough" to publish your comment, I want to ask you the same question. Are you "man enough" to stop the problem at its source? You know who my uplines are! You should confront them as to why they do such horrible things to their down lines and create a bad name for Amway and all of you honest (and not fake pin) IBOs and your super-honest upline leaders who have not got any of their downlines to stock up even 2 PV for their goals. Is it making sense to you?


  1. Well said, I couldnt have agreed with you more. These honest IBO's who are outraged by your post will sooner or later be one of those statistics and if they arent, they will be in this rut of a situation for life!
    Being in their shoes at one time, I do realize that when you are constantly bombarded with information (Open meetings, PASE, kate conferences, Major functions, Rallys, CD's, counselling etc) you are never allowed even for a minute to think and process what you have been told and so you never ever realize you have put yourself in a dangerous financial suicide. The only way you can truly analyze is when you remove yourself from that environment and give yourself time to process all the info given to you. And alas that time may come too late, maybe after 5 yrs if you are lucky and sometimes 10 and in certain cases maybe never!

    The whole system is full of bloody hyporcrisy, my question to the IBO's is if you think you have the greatest business opportunity in the whole wide world, then may I ask (Please hear me loud and clear): WHY DO YOU HAVE TO ASK PEOPLE NOT TO GO ONLINE AND DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH?? If what you have on hand is a phenomenon, why are you afraid of loosing that Prospect?? If you notice most savvy people these days go online and do research before buying any product and they look for both pros and cons and make an EDUCATED DECISION. So, why dear hardworking, honest IBO's, why do you restrict your prospect's right to do his/her own research and his decision making ability? Why is that you are told to sign up a prospect within 24-48hrs of showing a plan or after a attending a major function? Why are you afraid of the negativity when you have this truly AMAZING BUSINESS on your hand???
    If its a good thing, people will join you and continue the 9-5-3 BIB Drill. So pls enlighten me as to what your fear truly is??

  2. I totally agree with you on this and couldnt have said it better, bravo!
    One thing I have to say after being in those prospect shoes, I realize you never get to make YOUR OWN EDUCATED DECISION about this business as you are constantly bombared with Open meeting with "prospecting" literature handed out to u, followed by another product meeting (PASE) and then followed by maybe an upline meeting and if you are very "fortunate" then a major function. Essentially the IBO will bombard you with his info and give you really no time to analyze it. He will continue to pester you to sign up within 24-48hrs of seeing the plan. If you are not convinced seeing the plan the first time, then his upline will come and show it to you again! The only way you can really see the opportunity for what it is when you are left in a neutral environment and allowed to assess the pros and cons for your life and lifestyle needs. But unfortunately that never happens, before you even blink an eye you are a brand new IBO shouting "uh..uh..freedom!!"

    I do have a question to those hard working, honest IBO's (if you dont know the answer you shld check upline on this), Please hear me LOUD AND CLEAR:
    If you think that this is the best business opportunity on this damn planet, then pray may I ask that you tell prospects not to go online and do google searches and be wary of negative websites. WHY ARE YOU AFRAID WHEN YOU HAVE NOTHING BUT THE BEST OPPORTUNITY IN THE WORLD?? Why not the opportunity work its magic on the discerning Prospect? Most savvy people these days go online and do research before buying a product. So, what is wrong with prospective IBO's wanting to do their own research and not wanting to read out your carefully put literature packet?
    Why should the negativity affect the prospects mind when they saw with their own eyes the AMAZING SUCCESS this business brings in the open meetings?

    Please give it some thought.

  3. This is so true... If you get into anything else like day trading, stock investing, real estate, small business, etc., they warn you about the negatives. Information is there for you. No one hides anything from you. You can think on your own mind and make decisions. You can quit any time. You can make a lot of money honestly in these professions as well. There are many high quality people in these professions and not everyone is a Bernie Madoff! Amway/BWW/WWDB (or MLM industry in general) is the only one that claims everything is positive about it, but in my opinion, there are a whole lot more Madoffs in MLM industry than anything else!

  4. IBOs and apologists use every trick in the book to defend the business. Every trick except showing that they actually made a profit.