Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An innovative prospecting approach

When you are in the Amway global/BWW business, every few years, they come up with a new technique. The way they promote it is that it is going to "transform" your business and you are going to have huge success if you follow it.

When I was active in the business, they did several promotions like this. The first one I remember was when XS introduced new flavors. Greg Duncan made a CD titled "XS energy drink sells like a million bucks". There was lot of excitement and I thought I was going to make it with XS. My upline encouraged me to buy and stock up cases and cases of XS and retail it.

Then came another promotion - to sponsor 2 legs every month for 3 straight months. They called this promotion 6-in-90.

Then came along the useless product called PERFECT WATER and all the false claims about it. They hyped it and made people buy cases and cases of perfect water. Kate messages from WWDB and Dean Kosage's downlines started pouring in... Fellows like Bill Hawkins passionately promoted perfect water in their CDs. After a few months the hype slowly came down. Amway had to prohibit IBOs from doing the tip tests and making all the false claims.

Then came "tap rooting" which is structurally same as "stacking" except that the IBOs are introduced to each other before getting sponsored in depth. Most IBOs actually did not follow this rule and eventually it looks like this technique did not work for majority of the IBOs as well. Because...

the latest promotion that BWW is doing is actually completely new. This is something that you have never heard of. It is to go to someone in the stores, start a conversation and slowly ask, "Hei, do you use energy drinks?" Whatever they say, your response is to ask them - "I am a distributor for the top selling online energy drink brand in the U.S. I am looking for some help to distribute my product. Are you interested in making extra income outside what you do?" If they say YES, you exchange contact information. If they say NO, then try to sell them XS on the spot and at least make a retail sale... all IBOs are now carrying a cooler with a dozen ice-cold XS cans in them! The promise is that IBOs are bringing 10 to 12 guests to open meetings every week using this approach and every IBO can have a 100 people in their team in the next 3 months!!!

Whether the IBOs profit through this approach or not, the uplines are moving lot of XS in their group and making plenty of money!

(Maybe Greg Duncan really needs some help with moving XS now, after all the financial challenges he is going through!)

No matter what new technique these guys come up with, the North America Amway business has reached a plateau for the past 7 years. They need to combine international sales with North American sales in all their annual reports to make it look like the North American business is growing.

Quixtar started out as one of the top 5 retailers in early 2000s and is falling down every year - they are down to rank 35 last year.

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