Sunday, August 22, 2010

BWW emerald pact

One statement that attracted me initially to BWW was that the emeralds and above had a pact i.e. an agreement, that if something were to happen to an emerald, then the BWW leadership will help the 3 legs to remain at least platinums. I thought that once I build to emerald, then I will have the promised residual income. Only now I realize that this is a BIG lie.

I know of one emerald, let me call them BBX (letters are transposed), who was very inspiring and motivating. When I was active in the business, I used to look up to them a lot, because they were local to me. They were not my upline, but were part of my upline diamond's team. We also used to attend PASE (Product And System Education) meetings at their home every Friday evening and we could watch them and their kids in close quarters. They were one of the biggest reasons for me to stay in the business during my initial years. I still respect them for who they were.

I saw this emerald and his wife struggle to go diamond. He tried all kinds of self-motivation techniques. He had a big electronic clock in his living room with a count down to the day he would qualify diamond. He even flew to Russia when the Amway business opened there. He thought he could break at least one leg quickly in the new Russian market. He gave me a Russian plan DVD that he made with the help of a translator for me to use with my Russian prospects!

This emerald became inactive a few years ago. When his wife called me telling they will no longer be hosting PASE meetings at their home, she told they were going through some personal situation. But I don't think that is the only reason they left. Honest people like BBX could never stay in a deal like Amway/BWW for long, that too with a dishonest person like my upline diamond. I had to go to another emerald's PASE meeting in my local area... I and my wife were so sad for many years after they left!

After a few years, somehow I did not see BBX's name in the Amway global magazines as q12. I know that he at least had 2 big North American q12 legs (1 in San Jose and another in Minneapolis) when I became inactive, but BBX's name was missing even before I quit. His downlines names appeared in the magazine as q12s though and they went to ACHIEVERS trip!

What could have happened to BBX's IBOship? What happened to the "emerald pact"? I think that my upline diamond just suckered the 2 legs as his personal legs and let the 3rd leg quit.

Whatever "pact" BWW has is all ultimately a lie. These guys just give empty promises. The worst thing is you can't even make sure that the people who give you promises will be part of BWW few years later. If you know Kanti and Hemi Gala, then you know what I am talking about. They were EDCs with BWW, who are no longer part of BWW.

The whole thing is a big bottomless pit full of lies - once you get in, you just keep going deeper and deeper and deeper! Slowly you become part of it and you don't even know you are becoming a liar. The cult-like brain control they have with CDs, books, meetings, kate, etc., will give you no time to think rationally. You just become like a robot, trying to repeat the same statements, and soon lose your identity! And if you finally realize you do want to become inactive in the wonderfully "residual" business, you don't even get peanuts for all the hard work you did.



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  3. niceee... agree =) thanks your sharing...

  4. Absolately,kumar and all BWW/or any system as to say are all big pins DAMN LIERS!!..
    especially GALA team leaders have taken big disadvantage of their community's honesty and loyalty.they cannot be forgiven..they will pay for itone or the other way..we are already seing splitts and law suits among king pins for system money..big greeeed..its all their downlines hard earned money going to their pockets in the name of system/support cost..what a balloony..
    they preach about home team and on other side we see and hear about splitt marriages in BWW/Gala or any other teams..what a cotrast..its all about "comes around and goes around"
    I was there for about 6-7 years..i will not recommand this culty biz. to even my enemy..!!