Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sugeet Smooth Liar Ajmani

There is a diamond in Kumar team named Sugeet Ajmani. Very nice guy, very entertaining guy and very funny too!

I attended his seminar in San Jose. He made 2 statements that made me feel sick at that time! Now I realize how smooth and how clever these guys are at lies!

(1) Sugeet Ajmani told
"Guy A and guy B join the business today. 'Guy A' makes $50/month one year from now and 'guy B' makes $5000/month one year from now. What is the difference? They both look alike. They both have similar jobs, similar education, similar family life and everything else is similar, except their businesses. What is the difference?"

Many people agree that 'guy B' did not work as hard as 'guy A'.

My income was more like A's income, but I had worked my BUTT off for several years for making the pathetic income I did. At that time, I thought I had not worked hard. But now I realize that there is no 'guy B' in Amway. He does not exist.

If I recall, the entire seminar had about 1000 people. A good 30% of the room was all new people. There were about 20 or 25 platinums, including fake dinosaur platinums. Maybe 2 or 3 guys were making more than $5000/month and they have been in Amway for more than 15 years or so!


The 2nd comment he made really made me mad! Sugeet Ajmani told
"There are 3 kinds of prospects. Just 3.
A, B, C.

A is 10% of the people. You call them for anything, they will come. You call them for business, they will join you. Very easy people. Anybody can sign them up.

B is 80% of the people. Skeptical, but nice people. They give you a hard time, but they either sign up or not, depending upon how you handle them. It depends on whether you are doing the 9 core steps, 5 night a week, 3 powers and board in the bedroom.

C is 10% people. They will not join anything with anybody. You need to be careful and just run away from them."

He made nice drawings for these 3 types of people on the board.

Let us assume that the ratios are correct. I did not even want to sign up any B's. I was thinking "forget about the B and C people. Where are the A people? I have been showing 10 to 15 plans every month for the last 3 years; I have only 1 leg with 1 IBO out of all those plans."

The correct ratio as far as Amway is concerned is like this:

A - 1%
B - 2%
C - 97%

Simple question: has Sugeet signed up the A's and B's in his business? Is he signing up 90% of the people he shows the plan to?

The answer is a BIG NOOOO!

Lovely, logical, appealing and very smooth lies and deception.


  1. I just happened to see a video of this Sugeet Ajmani guy... and yes.. you're right. He's a smooth talker no doubt... sad part is naive people fall for such antics and dont realize all that is rehearsed just to fire them up. In reality most of what he or the others on the stage say is BS; Its just packaged nicely!

  2. you said you are retired since 2009. how did you accomplish that?

  3. wat he has said is completly correct ,,he has proved it by becoming a diamond in d business..and d reason u r not successfull is bcoz u r not positive.........first c wat u r?

  4. Hei priti,

    I am not worried about him or me. I am worried about u... wat r u? founders 300 PV for the past 5 yrs?

  5. @BWW IBO hi, I just joined last month and have been to a couple of meetings. Nothing makes sense to me and my up lines are really annoying, they keep on repeating the same thing, asking me stupid questions and forcing me into stuff(while they say that we are not forcing you its an advise). I am confused. What should I do? I feel bad when I have to say 'no'. email me at

    looking forward to your reply

  6. Sugeet is right, he had done work. and he is success.. if you want money without doing nothing you are fool...

  7. hardworker,

    Looks like you did not read my post properly. I did work 9-5-3-BiB diligently for several yrs without any "success".

    I and Sugeet are both loving life, he being a diamond and me being free from Amway and ppl like him and being able to live a 'free' life.

    I am worried about you though. You are the one who is really not working hard - if you are really working hard, how come you have time to read 'negative' blogs and post comments on them? Sure, you are going to blog like me few yrs from now!

  8. Very much true, you are nothing but a marketing guy to Amway and it pays you off some commission to get more people in and sell products. With this model you are bound to purchase only one sort of thing with the same company. You cannot try anything else apart from what Amway is selling