Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PMA lies

Amway guys very conveniently use PMA techniques to lie and cheat nicely.

When I was in Amway/BWW/Quixtar, my upline would always ask me which speaker I liked the most, which CD I liked the most, which product I loved to use. The basic idea is to manipulate gullible new IBOs into thinking what they like, rather than what they do not like. The usual question after functions is "Which speaker did you like the most?" If you start saying whom you did not like, they will immediately cut you off and restate the question "Tell me whom you liked." Uplines already get a lot of training to manipulate, whereas most new prospects/IBOs do not have any sales and manipulation training.

You dare not speak negative in any meeting. Slowly you are programmed to tell lots of lies, because by not telling what you do not like, you are forced to tell something positive about everything.

Just attempt a statement like "I did not like double-x because I threw up after taking it" and watch the reaction in your upline's face. They will look at you as though you are an ALIEN. When it actually happened to me and I complained to my upline, they cajoled me and told I should consume it in between meals, not after meals. I still threw up. Then you know what my upline did? In one of the leadership events, my upline lady (read bitch) told

"Some of you have put so much junk in your body that you cannot consume good natural products like double-x. Stop eating junk food and program your body and mind to eat double-x."

The funniest thing is my uplines themselves were always having trouble eating double-x. They usually need a carbonated XS immediately after eating double-x to burp the gas and indigestion out. They do not touch double-x or food bars in functions because they cause indigestion and/or constipation! And these guys tell me that I have a junk body! Hypocrites!

By the way, Amway IBOs claim double-x does wonders. If you tell it is expensive, they say "Chemotherapy and radiation are more expensive than double-x." So that means double-x cures cancer? If you ask them this question, they will not answer directly, but they make this statement to scare people. This is the "scare and sell" approach.

A simple question I want to ask is "If Amway does not give so much PV/BV to double-x, would any upline promote its wonderful benefits?"

The answer is NO. So your health is not really the primary motivation. At the end of the day, the PV/BV is what matters, no matter how much your upline claims they have the BEST interest in their minds and hearts.

The master liar Kumar says "Buy the PV and bury it in your backyard. I don't care. Just do 300 PV!"

There is a simple product called Nutrilite Daily. It costs very little and is good enough for a daily vitamin. Not much emphasis is given to this product because it does not have much PV/BV and it usually lasts 3 or 6 months. If you talk too much about Daily, your upline won't give you any chance to talk :-).

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