Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lie - anybody can go diamond

Usually the BWW diamonds make a statement like this from stage:

"We believe in you. You can go diamond. Come join us!"

and if you ask them in person, they will tell

"Absolutely, you can go diamond. I believe anybody can go diamond."

The truth as told by Sugeet Ajmani in a leadership event was this:

"80-20 rule applies to everything.

You put 10 names in your list; only 2 sit for plan. 8 will never see the plan from you.

You show 10 plans; only 2 sign up. (that too if you show it to the "right" ppl) 8 will never sign up.

You sign up 10 people; only 2 will do something. 8 will never do anything.

You have 10 people in your group; only 2 will get results. 8 will never get results.

You have 10 people getting some results, only 2 will go platinum. 8 will never go platinum.

Out of 10 platinums, only 2 will go emerald. 8 will remain platinums forever.

Out of 10 emeralds, only 2 will go diamond. 8 will remain emeralds forever.

This matches very well with the success ratio that Amway tells, something like 0.00012% of the people reaching the diamond level. Sugeet, Kumar and all the other fellows - please tell this truth to all your prospects and IBOs. Please put this statement on every CD BWW makes. The truth was finally accepted by a BWW Diamond!

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  1. Those numbers are actually fairly generous. 8 will remain platinums and emeralds forever? ... I think not. The number of pin holders that are able to hold on to those pins without sliding back are in a fairly small percentile as well.