Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Translations of lies to truth

If you have been to any pin recognition in Amway meetings, then you hear the new pin winners talk passionately about how they achieved their goal the previous month or previous fiscal year. You will usually know the pin winner's numbers by watching how many people are cheering for them when they go up on stage. (To convince others that the new pin winner has lot of group, everyone in the meeting, including cross lines, are urged to scream and cheer for the new pin winners.)

You will typically hear these statements:

  • We just followed what our uplines recommended us.
  • We made a decision to get it done and it happened.
  • Miracles happened in our business and we got it done.
  • We made a promise to our uplines and got it done.
  • We saw our childrens' sad faces and did it for them.
  • We loved our upline so much that we got it done for them.
  • We love our downlines so much that we wanted to set the right example for them.

Do you know HOW most people who make such statements reached that new pin then? The truth, the transalation of all the above statements in most cases is:

We purchased more than 50% of the products ourselves and/or forced our down lines to buy extra products and somehow qualified for the new pin at the last minute!

How do I know? Because I qualified every pin from 600 PV, all the way to platinum, exactly this way. But when I went on stage, I made those wise statements that sounded cool. All the guys in my uplines' team, including my upline, qualified this way and made similar statements.

These guys are professional liars who teach others how to become professional liars, who in turn teach others to become professional liars!

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