Friday, June 18, 2010

Amway business is like a vending machine!

An analogy statement that is often made in the Amway business is this:

"Amway business is like a vending machine. If you go to a coke vending machine and it requires $1 for a can of coke and you put in 95 cents, then what do you get? You get nothing. Even if you song and dance after putting 95 cents, nothing comes out. Same thing in Amway. If you do almost all the work required, that is, if you do almost all the 9 or 10 core steps but not quite all of them or not quite all the time, then you get nothing. It is either everything or nothing."

This is a statement that needs to be told to every prospect at the time of signing up, but as usual, Amway IBOs lie to new prospects and get them signed up!

This is why Amway is a stupid loser's proposition. Now, let us say, a top-grade new graduate makes $60,000/yr in his first job. Then how idiotic would it be to tell a guy who only has mediocre grades to tell that he will make either $60,000/yr or nothing! If I am a mediocre guy, I would at least expect a pay of $50,000/yr or $40,000/yr.

One has to think why this statement is made. It is made so that people who are doing all the work and not getting results, still feel that they are missing something! If

someone is showing 3 plans per week,
doing 300 PV per month,
selling 50 PV customer volume per month,
listening to 1 CD a day,
reading daily for 30 minutes,
attending all associations,
counseling monthly,
is accountable and
listens and leaves kate messages regularly,

then the top Amway guys claim that it should work for him! That is, you have put in the $1 in the coke machine. Sadly the coke can does not come out from the Amway vending machine!

I put in the full $1 for 3 years, week after week, month after month, year after year, only to find that the Amway vending machine does not deliver the coke, as promised! The only thing it delivered was a big hole in my bank account and credit card debt!


  1. Amway is more like putting in the $1.00 and not getting the can of coke.

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